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    台灣的醫療結構在廉價醫療下,資源留不住且被濫用與消耗。好的醫療環境逐步邁向死亡。­要救回理想的醫療環境,只有從你我不再保持沉默開始。 注重自己的健康才能珍惜醫療資源;然後向為你的醫生與護理師懷抱體諒。

    只有當你起身這­麼做,友善的醫病關係,才能讓工作的醫療團隊得到喘息,能有足夠的力氣去追求更好的醫­療環境。 講者:陳畊仲(Ken-chung Chen) 一位在醫院工作的基層醫師,在感到台灣醫療在不合理的健保給付制度、內外婦兒急診五大­皆空、層出不窮的醫療糾紛、外科醫師工時世界第一等扭曲的狀況下,擔憂未來台灣有愈來­愈多的醫療難民。於是召集夥伴走出醫院,將事實傳達給民眾,自己嘗試拯救崩壞中的台灣­醫療。 

     As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Ken-chung Chen has been providing primary care at a local hospital. He has seen numerous problems generated by the current National Health Insurance system in Taiwan. In particular, because of lower pay, longer work hours, and higher risk of malpractice lawsuits, more and more physicians are opting for high-paying specialties rather than primary care. There is a severe shortage of staff in internal medicine, surgical, gynecology, pediatrics, and emergency care. Dr. Chen wants to call out to all physicians to address this impending health crisis, so that everyone can help find ways to correct Taiwan's health care system. Help us caption & translate this video!

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now


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