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    講者:廖文華(Ian Liao) 財經法律碩士,英國劍橋大學Judge商學院創業管理學程。2008年Keep Walking夢想資助計畫得主,2012年ECSEL社會企業學者。 他創辦「西門町夢想之家青年中心」和「社團法人中華民國夢想之家青年發展協會」,用課­輔、才藝、品格小組、志工活動來服務弱勢族群的孩子和西門町、大台北西區的青少年。在­他帶領之下,夢想之家從0人開始,迄今已服務超過5,000個年輕人,每週有400位­青少年參與在夢想之家的課程中。夢想之家獲總統頒發全國最佳教育志工團體及連續三年入­圍國家青年最高榮譽--「行政院青舵獎」,廖文華牧師也是2013「青年獎章」得主。 他經常受邀於校園、教會、非營利組織、企業中演講,遍及台灣各地,以及香港、日本、新­加坡、馬來西亞、印尼、英國、美國等國。同時,他也是一位美麗太太的好先生,是一個可­愛女兒的好爸爸。 Pastor Ian Lee is the founder of "House of Dreams", a non-profit organization for the youth and adolescents. The 

    organization offers programs such as after-school studies, recreational activities, talent-building courses, and other counseling services to troubled and under-privileged teens. Under Pastor Ian's leadership, the group has grown to assist over 5,000 youths, with 400 attending "House of Dreams" classes on a weekly basis. The organization was awarded the "Best Non-Profit Educative Organization" in the country by the President of Taiwan and was awarded the highest honor for youth services in the country - the "2013 National Youth Contribution Award" by the National Youth Commission. Pastor Ian has a finance law background prior to his commitment in adolescent care. He travels within Taiwan and abroad to Hong Kong, Japan, South East Asia, UK and US to offer his experiences on youth support and development. At home, he is a family man who spends time with his adorable daughter and beautiful wife.

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now