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    講者:朱冠蓁(Kuan-Chen Chu) 關注社會議題的她相信,每個人都想做點好事情, 於是她和夥伴展開一連串冒險, 「把回收拿給阿公阿嬤網站」讓大家更封便將回收物拿給需要的人。「石頭湯計畫」搜集大­家家中多出來的新鮮食材,統一烹煮後與有需要的人一起享用。她相信,世界上沒有弱勢族­群,只有弱勢狀態,她與夥伴將持續推行更多有趣的計畫。

     Kuan-Chen Chu has a sincere belief that everyone can make a difference in his or her community. As the "Do You A Flavor" co-founder, she has initiated two projects to get citizens involved. First project is the "Give Them to Ago Ama" website. This site will map out all destinations which recyclable goods can be deposited and collected by elders and those in need. The second project, "Stone Soup", is a soup kitchen initiative that asks for excess food to be donated, cooked, and served to the hungry. Kuan-Chen and her co-founder will continue to put forth more programs for helping the disadvantaged.

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now