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    當社會蔓延著冷漠的沉默,速成式的思維扼殺了我們獨立思考的能力,我們失去了發問的好­奇與慾望,只是不斷尋找標準答案,結果落入自身狹隘的舒適圈。 蔡柏璋強調:我們應該要回歸最原始的本質,打開所有感官,不被外在規範束縛,去思考、­選擇、提問,如此我們的心才會發現更寬廣的世界。 

    講者:蔡柏璋(Pao-Chang Tsai) 蔡柏璋是國內難得一見集編導演三項才華於一身的創作者,現任台南人劇團聯合藝術總監。­英國RCSSD音樂劇場碩士,專長聲音和演說,近年來更致力于學校和社區劇場的教育推­廣。 蔡柏璋所創作的電視影集型式舞台劇《K24》,更是開創臺灣劇場史上第一齣連演六小時­喜劇的新記錄,演出成果深受兩岸學者專家與媒體觀眾的讚賞與好評,受邀擔任第八屆華文­戲劇節開幕節目。著作:蔡柏璋劇本集系列《Q&A首部曲》、《木蘭少女》、《­K24第一季》、《Re/turn》和金士頓年度廣告主題曲《It Was May》作詞。 

    As the Artistic Director of Tainaner Ensemble, Pao-Chang Tsai is often hailed as a creative genius with talents that span scriptwriting, directing, as well as acting. His stage play "K24", structured in a miniseries format, was the first performance in Taiwan to debut as a six-hour long comedy. "K24" received critical acclaim from reviewers in Taiwan and China, and was featured as the opening program in the 8th Chinese Drama Festival. Other screenplays by Pao-Chang include "Quest & Amnesia, Episode I", "Mulan", "K24 Season One", "Re/turn", as well as lyrics to the Kingston ad jingle "It Was May". Pao-Chang obtained his Master's Degree in Music Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, specializing in voice and speech. In recent years, he has been involved in a variety of education and outreach initiatives for schools and theatre community groups.

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now