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    每個孩子都喜歡聽故事,陸育克在與孩子的交流中,得到無數的感動,因此立下志向,要將­故事帶給所有的小朋友。不管多偏遠,哪裡有孩子,他就去哪裡說故事。 在這樣的過程中,他發現大人和小孩並沒有什麼不同,說故事的人和聽故事的人加在一起才­是完整的故事,原來,我們都一樣享受著故事的童趣。 

    講者:陸育克(Victor Lu) 他是一位專職的說故事者,5年來已有1萬位孩子被他的故事感動。一次在癌童病房,他看­到「孩子笑了,大人哭了」於是他懂了,開始以說故事走向偏鄉部落、癌症病房、育幼慈善­,計畫走完全臺368地區說故事,培育更多說故事的小種子,相信「有人的地方就有故事­;而說故事是化解人與人之間隔閡的最佳工具。」 

     In his line of work, Victor Lu has told stories to over 10,000 kids in five years. He enjoys being a full-time storyteller, as many of his storytelling sessions are filled with infectious laughter from children of all ages. Once when a storytelling activity was scheduled at a pediatric oncology ward, Victor not only heard laughter from the kids with cancer, but also saw tears of joy from the adults. At that moment, he understood that storytelling is a great bonding tool for adults and kids alike. Victor has taken his stories to hospitals, rural areas, nursery schools, orphanages, and communities throughout Taiwan. He has also taken on a number of younger storytelling apprentices, to empower them with the gift of storytelling.

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now