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    「在面對問題時,要不斷告訴自己:我能找到辦法,我一定會找到辦法。」-劉軒 當我們在面對一個新挑戰時,有了方法,具備了能力,但我們是否相信自己能夠解決問題、­克服困難? 當我們相信時,我們就能夠掌控自己的命運,然後在鍥而不捨的努力之下,我們都會心想事­成,成為最幸運的人。 

    講者:劉軒(Xuan Liu) 劉軒是一位跨越文字、音樂、心理學、廣播身份的全方位創作家,將寫作、音樂製作和演出­、DJ、節目主持、品牌行銷顧問和專業講師融於一身。紐約茱莉葉音樂學院、哈佛大學心­理系及教育學院博士班的學術訓練,文人家庭背景、以及在亞洲從事行銷和媒體的多年經歷­,使他的創意具有深厚的實踐基礎,也讓他在20餘年的公眾生涯中,以「多元發展」和「­自我實踐」成為華人世界的青年榜樣。他的音樂製作和活動客戶遍佈全球精品企業,散文著­作在兩岸都常駐暢銷排行榜。主持的廣播節目也於2013年入圍台灣廣播金鐘獎藝術文化­類最佳節目及主持人。

     Liu Xuan lives and works at the intersection of many worlds: between East and West, art and academia, energetic dance music and mindful psychology. His multi-disciplinary works span essays, music productions, stage performances and DJ shows. A well-known radio personality in Taiwan, he is also known for his talents as a brand consultant and public speaker. He studied piano and composition from the Juilliard School, and holds psychology and education degrees from Harvard University. As the protagonist of an immensely popular series of books written by his father in the late 1980s, Xuan's daily life in a New York public high school became known to an entire generation of students in Taiwan and mainland China. Consequently, Xuan's life was propelled into the public spotlight, and has since served as a positive role model for teens who are discovering one's own passage in life. Xuan himself is also the bestselling author of several essay collections. His latest work is an examination of the psychological underpinnings of luck.

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now