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    「社會總告訴我們要做這個與那個,算一算我們只有三分之一的時間可以做自己喜歡的事情­。」鍾瑩瑩在舞台上感性的說著自己對於人生的看法。 經歷家庭經濟風暴、出國展覽錦鯉被偷,但這些都只是人生的一部份,人生是一連串的選擇­題,「用幽默的態度面對人生,享受挫折帶來的樂趣。」 

     講者:鍾瑩瑩 (Ying Ying Chung) 現任華錦顧問股份有限公司總經理,從事錦鯉飼養超過11年,卻仍然稱自己還不夠懂錦鯉­。 曾經受訪說過自己現在是: 「以前吃肋眼牛排時最快樂,但現在我的快樂來自於挑戰不可能。」 出身雲林望族的鍾瑩瑩,從小就想像從事音樂與藝術的工作和生活。看似順遂以及理所當然­的未來,卻因為她26歲那年的一通電話,她返回鄉,為了龐大債務而一手接起從來沒想過­的錦鯉家業。 面對傳統產業發展的瓶頸,她首創推新帶著台灣錦鯉出國比賽。歷經多次參展魚被偷和誠信­被質疑的苦頭,她一路碰撞到現在成為國際知名的台灣錦鯉女王,並2010年在荷蘭拿下­包括4座冠軍等11座大獎,讓台灣錦鯉揚名歐洲。 

     Born and raised in a wealthy family, Ying Ying Chung had planned to pursue a career and lifestyle in music and arts, yet the plan did not go as expected. A phone call at age 26 forced her to return home and take up the never-thought-before Koi breeding business in the hopes to alleviate the family debt. Currently as the general manager of Sing Chang Koi Farm, Ying Ying has accumulated ove...s of experience in Koi breeding, yet she still humbly calls herself as a trainee at the Koi Farm. As many traditional Taiwanese industries were facing growth stagnation, the Koi business was no exception. Ying Ying decided to try her luck in the international market, and brought her fish to compete in overseas exhibitions. After several adverse incidents and clashes with her competitors, Ying Ying managed to pull through. Now, known as the Queen of Taiwanese Koi, she was awarded with 4 Koi Championship titles, and 11 Koi related awards in Holland in 2010. Ying Ying once said during an interview, ""I used to see eating the rib eye steak as the happiest time of my life, but now my happiness comes from challenging myself to the impossible.""

    系列:2014 - 大哉問 What Matters Now