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    李銘宸第十二屆台新藝術獎入選作品《Dear All》-2013新人新視野-戲劇篇II,以垃圾為物件,搬演我們的日常生活,演員­在舞台上若有似無的表演,意像不停翻轉,隨劇情歇斯底里的發展,舞台垃圾增生,反應我­們彷彿不斷廢棄化的人生。李銘宸玩弄舞台記號,創造獨特劇場風格,這也與他對於生活的­觀察和體悟高度相關,因而創作呈現獨特的人文社會關懷。 李銘宸畢業於國立臺北藝術大學戲劇學系,主修導演。作品多發展自物件及場域,以集體即­興創作之方式,並置或賦予其視聽文本,關注空間質地及材質與人的關係。劇場導演作品包­括《漸慢》、《超人戴肯的黃金時代》、《不萬能的喜劇》、《歡樂年華》、《Rest in Peace》。 

     The selected work of The 12th Taishin Arts Award Ceremony, 〈Dear All -Young Stars New Vision -Theatre II〉, using garbage as objects, depicts our daily life. The seemingly non-existing acting by performers on stage constantly reverses the images; as the storyline further expands into absurdity, amount of garbage on stage also increases, reflecting our life that is continuously being in waste. Li plays with symbols of stage to create a unique style of theatre. This is also relevant to his understanding and observations of life, and thus the creation presents unique humanity and social care. LI, Ming Chen is the artist director of Stylelab. Graduated with a major in directing from the Theater department at Taipei National University of the Arts. His works often explore the relationship between objects and the environment, employing collective improvisation as an artistic methodology together with installation or bestowal of audiovisual texts to highlight spatial properties and the essence of human relationship. His directing credits include 《Retenu》,《Dyken: The Golden Age of Superman》,《Not Universal Comedy》,《Happy Days》 and 《Rest in Peace》

    系列:2014 - Art and Beyond