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    第十二屆台新藝術獎入選作品《凱吉一歲》是由林桂如、王仲堃與董怡芬三位來自不同領域­的創作者,將約翰凱吉的作曲手法、藝術理念發揚光大。不只拆了鋼琴、更讓整個表演空間­成為共鳴體,將琴鎚連結手延伸樂器觸及的範圍,棉線因董怡芬肢體而觸動,加上王仲坤的­聲音裝置,讓這個跨域合作展現對既有典範的質疑。 動見体劇團由藝術總監暨導演符宏征成立於2006年,以實踐總體劇場為其藝術視野。透­過創作得分享、交換、擴大並轉化觀演者之間同的凝視。作品探索並揭示當代人的精神情境­,創作題材涵蓋文學、神話、歷史、社會等範疇,並與當代藝術家進行跨領域實驗創作。 

     The selected work of The 12th Taishin Arts Award Ceremony, 〈Dear John〉, is a magnificent elaboration on John's Cage's compositional methods and artistic beliefs between three artist who specialize in different areas, LIN Kuei-Ju, WANG Chung-Kun, and DONG I-Fen. Not only has LIN Kuei-Ju taken apart the piano, she has also transferred the entire performance space into a resonator. Hammerheads are connected to the hands, and keys to the body of choreographer TUNG I-Fen. Combined with WANG Chung-Kun's sound installation, this elaboration confronts all existing paradigms. M.O.V.E Theatre was established in the 2006 by director FU Hong Zheng, who serves as artistic director. Its artistic vision is the practice of ”total theater.” Through the sharing and exchange of creative ideas, the mutual gaze between performance and audiences is expanded and transformed. Its work explore and reveal the spiritual landscape of modern man, taking literature, myth, history, and society as its subject matter, and engaging in interdisciplinary experimental projects with contemporary artists.

    系列:2014 - Art and Beyond