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    一手掌握智慧城市:Oleg Logvinov

    Oleg Logvinov STMicroelectronics Special Assignments Director 特別專案總監 現任意法半導體工業與功率轉換產品部的特別專案總監,擁有烏克蘭科技大學(KPI)電­機工程碩士學位,並在畢業後加入設於烏克蘭科技大學的烏克蘭能源局研發實驗室擔任資深­研究員。目前在IEEE標準協會(IEEE-SA)組織顧問群和IEEE-SA標準化­理事會任職。 長期觀察智慧電網的發展,Logvinov認為智慧型科技將會從一個"好用­的科技"演變成"非要不可的科技",進而影響人類的生­活習慣。他協助成立了家用電力線網路聯盟(HomePlug Powerline Alliance),目前擔任該聯盟的技術長以及董事,是持有19項專利並多次受邀於­不同產業會議中的講者。 

     Oleg Logvinov is the Director of Special Assignments at STMicroelectronics' Industrial & Power Conversion Division, holds an equivalent of a Master's degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Ukraine (TUU), and served as a senior researcher at the R&D Laboratory of the Ukraine Department of Energy at the KPI, after graduating from TUU. He has been involved in the industry of Internet of Things and Smart Grid for over 25 years, and believes that Smart Technology will move from a "nice to have" technology to a "must have" technology, and in turn impact the behavioral modification of humans. Currently serving on the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Corporate Advisory Group and the IEEE-SA Standards Board, Mr. Logvinov helped found the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and today serves as the Chief Technical Officer and Board Member of the Alliance. Mr. Logvinov also has nineteen patents to his credit and has been an invited speaker on multiple occasions.

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