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     Born in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee is the first Taiwanese Nobel Prize laureate, and a passionate scientist. He values the research talents in Taiwan, and believes scientific research is a never-ending learning process. In 2006, he retired from the position of the President of Academia Sinica, and was then elected and currently serves as President of the International Council for Science (ICSU). Dr. Lee's renown research background includes studies of reaction dynamics, investigations of various primary photochemical processes, and the spectroscopy of ionic and molecular clusters, all of which has allowed...ional and international organizations, including US Department of Energy, Welch Foundation, Chief Advisor of the Science and Technology Advisory Group to the Prime Minister (Taiwan)...etc. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science, a foreign member of five different international Science Academies, a member of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan, the Third World Academy of Sciences, and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, an honorary member of the Japan Academy and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In addition, he has received numerous awards and honors, including the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and ten other international award recognitions, along with receiving the Doctor Honoris Causa from forty universities around the world.

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