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    David Carlson:設計師的人文省思

    David Carlson是一位頗具盛名的跨界設計思考家,他亦以講者的身分活躍於會場、研討會­、校園、企業活動及其他國際場合。在講台上的David總是會以學識淵博且具發人深省­的口吻介紹他一路橫跨設計、文化及商業領域精彩豐富的歷程,近期的專案更讓他成了名副­其實的世界旅行家,而他主導的演講和課程也常會自然而然地變身成一個引爆創造力狂想曲­的工作營。 除了講者的身分外,David Carlson亦為David Report Designboost, Carlson Ahnell及David Design的創辦人,而他平日的社交生活也確確實實地反應了他「異花授粉者」的特色­,他在一個大自然保護組織擔任會長,也於80年代初期開始玩樂團,扮演吉他手一職,同­時,他還是一位熱愛花草的園藝家。

     David Carlson is an influential facilitator, cross-polinator, and design thought-leader. Internationally sought after as a speaker at conferences, seminars, schools, and corporate events, David tells stories in an informed and inspiring manner about his holistic approach at the intersection of design, culture, and business. Recently, his assignments took him to USA, UK, France, Japan, Iceland, Chile, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Bulgarina, Austria, Mexico and Sweden. His lectures and master classes are regularly transformed into creative ideation workshops. David Carlson is the founder of David Report, Designboost, Carlson Ahnell and David Design. His social life reflects his crosspollinating mindcast: president of a nature conservation organization; guitar player in bands since the early 80s, most recently with the band Miller Moon; and last but not least, a deeply dedicated gardener -- more specifically, of old roses with unmatched aromas.

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