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    Michael Lin:未來都市的想像

    畢業於逢甲大學建築系,Michael 先後於麻省理工學院取得"建 築與都市設計"與媒體實驗室"智慧城市組"取的了兩個­碩士。目前是麻省理工 學院媒體實驗室的研究助理兼博士後選人。 透過做中學,學中做的過程,Michael與其帶領的MIT團隊完成了做了許多跨領域­結合的示範。 RoboScooter將分享交通系統的概念帶給了機車工業,挑戰將機車由"­;產品"變成"交通服務"的模式轉換。 GreenWheel用馬達與電池挑戰自行車的極限機械美學,並透過無線模組與智慧型­手機將cycling與生活做進一步的結合。 

    DispLEGO利用大家熟悉的樂高積木建立起了虛擬與真實之間的橋樑,Michae­l利用創意挑戰跨領域的技術整合,也利用這些挑戰來激發創意與設計的靈感。 Graduated from Feng Chia University Architecture department. Michael has first earned a Master degree in Architecture and Urbanism, then a Master of Media Science and Arts from the MIT Media Lab Smart Cites group. He is now a PhD candidate and research assistant with the Changing Places group at the MIT Media Lab. Through the process of learning by doing, Michael has lead and complete projects in various different scale across many different fields. The RoboScooter project introduce the idea of share-use vehicle to the scooter industry and addressed a paradigm shift of vehicle as a service instead of a product. GreenWheel challenged the bicycle design aesthetics and its extreme mechanical and performance by integrating the motor and the battery into the wheel. Furthermore, combined the lifestyle and cycling by introducing wireless modules and Smartphone apps. DispLEGO bridge between the virtual computation environment and the physical world by the LEGOs in our daily life. Michael consider the "innovation and creativity" as a tool to challenge multidisciplinary integration, and use these challenges to inspire and generate the next innovation and creativity.

    系列:2013 - 台北,城心城意