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    莊熙平,1961年生於台北。東海大學建築系畢業後赴美國賓州大學深造,僑留美國從事­建築設計近十年,取得建築師執照並獲推薦成為美國建築學會(AIA)會員。旅美期間致­力於博物館設計,曾長期參與台灣國立海洋生物博物館設計工作。35歲轉行地產投資,3­9歲跨入創投業,移居香港擔任矽谷知名創投公司副總裁,參與電子商務、無線通訊、基礎­建設、生物科技等類型的投資管理。41歲返台開始連續創業,投資經營影視、音樂、動畫­、運動行銷、數位授權等產業。 目前從事創業投資,並從長年跨國及兩岸的工作中深刻體認到,最高的價值創造是人才的培­養,因此近年熱心投入高等教育及輔導創業,運用餘暇在大學建築研究所教授設計及創新課­程。

     Eric Chuang was born in Taipei in 1961. After graduating from Tung Hai University with a bachelor's degree in architecture, he went to the University of Pennsylvania for further study. Eric spent nearly 10 years in the U.S. working as an architect and was elected into the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His work as an architect includes museum design, and he was involved in the construction project of Taiwan's National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. At the age of 35, Eric put himself into estate investment;...4 years, he started to dive into the world of venture capitalism. He served as vice-president in one of the well-known VC firms from Silicon Valley in Hong Kong, managing investment in various fields like e-commerce, wireless communication, infrastructure and biotechnology. When Eric turned 41, he started his own business in Taiwan and moved further into investment in media, music, animation, sport marketing, certificate authority, etc. With years of global and cross-strait business experience in the VC industry, Eric believes that "talent incubating" is the core value in all fields. He has recently dedicated himself as a consultant for higher education and start-ups, and is also currently directing several design and innovation programs in colleges.

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