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    本名王俊傑,因臉型長,又高又瘦,很自然的綽號就叫香蕉。 熱愛表演,求學過程中接觸到街舞和beatbox, 開啟了beatbox的表演生涯,不但考了街頭藝人證, 長期於新北市街頭表演累積表演經驗, 同時也報名了「明星藝能學園」正式踏入演藝圈。 目前固定於衛視中文台節目「瘋神無雙」演出短劇, 也因此和其他演員組成「瘋神六小福」的團體, 另外,也於「移動星樂園」擔任助理主持人。

     Jun Jie Wang has been called BNN-Banana since he has a longer facial appearance and slim body shape. BNN shows strong love in performance. He was first inspired by street dance and beatbox back in schools. He then began his career as a street artist around New Taipei City and also participated in A-list Entertainment, a private school founded by a famous Taiwanese TV show director in Taipei. BNN now performs and co-hosts in series of TV shows.

    系列:2013 - 台北,城心城意


    TedX 演講影片:香蕉:挑動都市的熱情