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    執著的為了海洋付出,其實就是希望未來我們的下一代還能夠擁抱海洋的美好。 廖敏慧是成大醫學院臨床藥學研究所,海洋環境保育工作者。2000年於國家地理雜誌看­到來自夏威夷中途島信天翁死亡的照片,其中信天翁胃中充斥各式塑膠物品,啓發關懷海洋­的動機,2006年在因緣際會下,申請台大海洋所,投入海洋研究的世界,發現人類塑膠­垃圾對海洋及大海中浮游生物造成威脅,亦產生兩倍於德州大小的北太平洋垃圾渦流,為了­瞭解更多海洋實際現況,2011年7月,在無帆船航行的經驗下搭上帆船,從夏威夷至溫­哥華,以22天、將近三千公里的航行,以自身 活動提醒大家更重視海洋現況。 海洋汙染不再遙遠,每個人都可以為海洋做一些什麼。 

     Ming-Hui Liao has long been passionate about ocean conservation. In 2000, National Geography Magazine published a stunning photo of an albatross that died because it's stomach filled with plastic debris. This not only caught her attention but also led her into a long journey studying marine debris. In 2006, she quit her job as a pharmacist and started to devote herself entirely in marine environmental protection. Liao's curiosity about the marine debris drove her to join a research expedition, sailing 2995 km from Hawaii to Vancouver in 2011. "A yacht with 13 crewmembers from 5 countries, including the inexperienced me, sailed into the North Pacific and explored the less-known marine debris gyres." This 22-day adventure reshaped her perception of the ocean and led her to a different point of view of marine protection, from the ocean. She hopes to share her expedition experience with more people and tell them the true stories of marine debris, which have long been happening and not far away from where we now stand.

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